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IC693MDL931 | IC693MDL931B

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  • Description: 8 Amp Soldered InRelay Output
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Product Manual Excerpt

PACSystems* RX3i and Series 90-30 IC694MDL931 / IC693MDL931 GFK-2706A Output Module, Isolated Relay, NC and Form C, 8 Amp, 8 Point January 2015 The MDL931 Series 90*-30 and PACSystems* 8 Amp Isolated Relay Output modules provide four normally-closed and four Form C relay circuits for controlling output loads provided by the user. The output switching capacity of each circuit is 8 Amps. Each output relay is isolated from the other relays, and each relay has a separate common power output terminal. The relay outputs can control a wide range of load devices, such as: motor starters, solenoids, and indicators. Individual numbered LEDs show the ON/OFF status of each output point. There are no fuses on this module. The red bands on the label indicate that MDL931 is a high-voltage module. This module can be installed in any I/O slot in an RX3i or Series 90-30 system. The user must supply the AC or DC power to operate the field devices. Caution This module is not compatible with hot swap operations in any backplane. Hot removing or inserting this module into a backplane can cause damage to the module or other system components. Related Documents For product standards, general operating specifications and installation requirements refer to: RX3i: GFK-2314, PACSystems RX3i System Manual Series 90-30: GFK-0356, Series 90-30 PLC Installation and Hardware Manual GFK-1179, Installation Requirements for Conformance to Standards © 2014 General Electric Company. All Rights Reserved. * Indicates a trademark of General Electric Company and/or its subsidiaries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 2 IC694MDL931 / IC693MDL931 Output Module GFK-2706A Specifications Rated Voltage 24 volts DC, 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (nominal - see the following table for exceptions) Output Voltage Range 5 to 30 volts DC 5 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz Outputs per Module Eight isolated outputs Isolation: Field to Backplane and to Frame Ground 250 VAC continuous; 1500 VAC for 1 minute Point to Point 250 VAC continuous; 1500 VAC for 1 minute Maximum Load 8 Amps resistive maximum per output 20 Amps maximum per module for UL installations Maximum load depends on ambient temperature as shown. Minimum Load 10mA Inrush Current 8 Amps maximum for one cycle On Response Time 15ms maximum1 Off Response Time 15ms maximum1 Output Leakage Current 1mA maximum at 250 VAC, (25°C (77°F)) Power Consumption 6mA (all outputs on) from 5 volt bus on backplane 110mA (all outputs on) from relay 24V bus on backplane 1 When this module is used with DC power supply IC695PSD040 or PSD140, special precautions should be taken because dropouts in the source voltage will be seen by this module and may cause relay dropouts. Load Current vs. Temperature 10°C 20°C 30°C 50°C 60°C Ambient Temperature (°C) 40°C 4A per Point 32 24 16 8 35°C 6A per Point 8A per Point 45°C Total Module Load Current (Amps) IC694MDL931 / IC693MDL931 Output Module 3 GFK-2706A Load Current Limitations Operating Maximum Current for Load Type Typical Contact Life Voltage Resistive Lamp or Solenoid 2 (Number of operations) 8 Amps 3 Amps 200,000 5 to 120 VAC 6 Amps 2.5 Amps 300,000 4 Amps 1.5 Amps 400,000 1 Amp 0.5 Amp 1,100,000 8 Amps 3 Amps 100,000 240 VAC 6 Amps 2.5 Amps 150,000 4 Amps 1.5 Amps 200,000 1 Amp 0.5 Amp 800,000 8 Amps 3 Amps 100,000 24 VDC 6 Amps 2.5 Amps 150,000 4 Amps 1.5 Amps 200,000 1 Amp 0.5 Amp 800,000 48 VDC 1.5 Amps – 100,000 100 VDC 0.5 Amp – 100,000 125 VDC 0.38 Amp 0.12 Amp 100,000 150 VDC 0.30 Amp 0.10 Amp 100,000 2 For inductive loads Relay contact life, when switching inductive loads, will approach resistive load contact life if suppression circuits are used. The examples below show typical suppression circuits for AC and DC loads. The 1A, 200V diode shown in the DC load typical suppression circuit is an industry standard 1N4935. The resistor and capacitor shown for AC load suppression are standard components. Load Suppression Examples for Output Module MDL931 DC Loads DC Supply 1A, 200V Load Coil 3 MDL931 2 ~ AC Source .022 AC Loads 100 Ohms 600V 1/2W Load Coil 2 3 MDL931 4 IC694MDL931 / IC693MDL931 Output Module GFK-2706A General Installation Requirements This product is intended for use with the Series 90-30 or RX3i system. Its components are considered open equipment [having live electrical parts that may be accessible to users] and must be installed in an ultimate enclosure that is manufactured to provide safety. As a minimum, the enclosure shall provide a degree of protection against solid objects up to 12mm (e.g. fingers). This equates to a NEMA/UL Type 1 enclosure or an IP20 rating (IEC60529) providing at least a pollution degree 2 environment. LEDs Individual numbered LEDs display the ON/OFF status of each output point. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 F 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Module Data The module receives 8 bits of output data from the host controller CPU. The starting location of this data is selected using the Proficy* Machine Edition configuration tool. IC694MDL931 / IC693MDL931 Output Module 5 GFK-2706A Field Wiring Terminal Connection Relay N. O. Module Circuits Terminals Field Wiring LED Q8 NO Q8 NC Q3 NC Q2 NC Q1 NC Q4 NC Q5 NO Q5 NC Q6 NO Q6 NC Q7 NO Q7 NC 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 Relay N. O. LED Relay N. C. 1 Output 1 2 Output 1 return 3 Output 2 4 Output 2 return 5 Output 3 6 Output 3 return 7 Output 4 8 Output 4 return 9 Output 5 (if normally-closed relay) 10 Output 5 return 11 Output 5 (if normally-open relay) 12 Output 6 (if normally-closed relay) 13 Output 6 return 14 Output 6 (if normally-open relay) 15 Output 7 (if normally-closed relay) 16 Output 7 return 17 Output 7 (if normally-open relay) 18 Output 8 (if normally-closed relay) 19 Output 8 return 20 Output 8 (if normally-open relay) Screw terminals accept two copper wires in the range AWG #22 (0.36 mm2 ) to AWG #16 (1.3 mm2 ), or one AWG #14 (2.1 mm2 ) copper 90°C (194°F) wire. Each terminal can accept solid or stranded wires, but the wires into any given terminal must be the same type (both solid or both stranded) and the same size. Screw torque is from 9.6 in-lbs to 11.5 in-lbs (1.1 to1.3 Newton-meters). Release History Version Date Description IC694 MDL931B Jan 2015 Updated modules are RoHS converted product with applicable exemptions. IC693/IC694 MDL931A Aug. 2008 Initial release

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