IC693MDL350 | IC693MDL350-AA

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IC693MDL350 | IC693MDL350-AA

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 120/240 VAC Isolated Output 2 amp IC693MDL
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  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

Series 90™-30 IC693MDL350 GFK-2367 16-Point 120/240 VAC Isolated Output Module October 2005 The 120/240VAC 16-Point Isolated Output module, IC693MDL350, provides 16 individually-isolated output points. A high level of noise immunity minimizes the need for external snubbers to protect the outputs against transient electrical noise on the power line. The outputs can control a wide range of inductive and incandescent loads. Power to operate the output loads must be provided with an external AC power supply. This module requires an AC power source. A DIP switch on back of the module is used to select the outputs’ default mode: Force Off or Hold Last State. The module must be removed from the backplane to set this switch. This module can be used with a Box-style (IC694TBB032), Extended Box-style (IC694TBB132), Spring-style (IC694TBS032), or Extended Spring-style (IC694TBS132) Terminal Block. Extended terminal blocks provide the extra shroud depth typically needed for field wiring to AC devices. See the PACSystems RX3i System Manual, GFK-2314 revision B or later for more information on Terminal Blocks. Terminal Blocks are ordered separately. Individually numbered LEDs show the ON/OFF status of each output point. The TB LED indicates presence of the removable Terminal Block. The TB LED is green when the Terminal Block is present or red when the Terminal Block is not present. The IC693MDL350 module can be installed in any I/O slot in an RX3i or Series 90-30 system. It must be used with RX3i CPU release 3.50 or later. For compatible Series 90-30 CPUs, see “CPU Compatibility” on page 2. Specifications: IC693MDL350 Rated Voltage 120/240 VAC Output Voltage Range 74 – 265VAC (47 to 63 Hz), 120/240VAC nom. Outputs per Module 16 isolated Isolation Field to Backplane 250 VAC continuous; 1500 VAC for 1 minute Group to Group 250 VAC continuous; 1500 VAC for 1 minute Power Consumption 315 mA (with all outputs ON) from 5 volt bus on backplane Output Current (Linear Derating) Per Point 2A max. @ 30°C, 1A max. @ 60°C Per Module 5A max. @ 30°C, 4A max. @ 60°C Output Characteristics: Inrush Current 20 Amps maximum for one cycle Minimum Load Current 10 mA per point Output Voltage Drop 1.5 volts maximum Output Leakage Current 2 mA maximum On Response Time 1/2 cycle maximum Off Response Time 1/2 cycle maximum Fuses No internal fusing. Use of appropriate external fuses is recommended for short circuit protection. 1 2 3 4567 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 TB Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 Q11 Q12 Q13 Q14 Q15 Q16 IC693MDL350 For product standards and general specifications, refer to Appendix A of the PACSystems RX3i System Manual, GFK-2314 or GE Fanuc Product Agency Approvals, Standards, General Specifications, GFK-0867 (Series 90-30 systems). 2 16-Point 120/240 VAC Isolated Output Module GFK-2367 CPU Compatibility Family Model Firmware Version RX3i All 3.5 and later Series 90-30 CPU350 CPU352 CPU364 CPU374 10.60 or later 10.50 or later 10.60 or later 11.03 or later Release History Version Description IC693MDL350-AA Firmware version: 1.20 Initial Release Installation in Hazardous Locations  WARNING - EXPLOSION HAZARD - SUBSTITUTION OF COMPONENTS MAY IMPAIR SUITABILITY FOR CLASS I, DIVISION 2.  WARNING - EXPLOSION HAZARD - WHEN IN HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS, TURN OFF POWER BEFORE REPLACING OR WIRING MODULES.  WARNING - EXPLOSION HAZARD - DO NOT CONNECT OR DISCONNECT EQUIPMENT UNLESS POWER HAS BEEN SWITCHED OFF OR THE AREA IS KNOWN TO BE NONHAZARDOUS.  EQUIPMENT LABELED WITH REFERENCE TO CLASS I, GROUPS A, B, C & D, DIV. 2 HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS IS SUITABLE FOR USE IN CLASS I, DIVISION 2, GROUPS A, B, C, D OR NON-HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS ONLY. Setting the Output Defaults The DIP switch on back of the module determines how the outputs will operate if the CPU is set to Stop Mode or loses communications with the module. The module must be removed from the backplane to set this switch. Note that there are two DIP switches on the module. Only the upper switch is used. Outputs Default DIP Switch Closed (left) = Hold Last State Open (right) = Force Off Not Used With the Outputs Default Mode switch in the right (open) position, the outputs will turn off whenever communication with the CPU is lost. When the switch is in the left position, the outputs will hold their last programmed value whenever communication with the CPU is lost. Backplane power and power to the outputs must be present to Hold Last State. Otherwise, the module will default outputs regardless of the DIP switch setting. The Outputs Default Mode selection made with the DIP switch must match the selection for this feature in the module’s software configuration. The Outputs Default parameter in the software configuration is used only to record the switch setting. The CPU does not detect a fault if the software configuration does not match the switch setting. 16-Point 120/240 VAC Isolated Output Module 3 GFK-2367 Field Wiring: MDL350 Field wiring connections to the module are made to the removable terminal assembly, as described in the RX3i System Manual, GFK-2314. Connections Terminals Terminals Connections Output 1 1 19 Output 9 Output 1 Supply 2 20 Output 9 Supply Output 2 3 21 Output 10 Output 2 Supply 4 22 Output 10 Supply Output 3 5 23 Output 11 Output 3 Supply 6 24 Output 11 Supply Output 4 7 25 Output 12 Output 4 Supply 8 26 Output 12 Supply Output 5 9 27 Output 13 Output 5 Supply 10 28 Output 13 Supply Output 6 11 29 Output 14 Output 6 Supply 12 30 Output 14 Supply Output 7 13 31 Output 15 Output 7 Supply 14 32 Output 15 Supply Output 8 15 33 Output 16 Output 8 Supply 16 34 Output 16 Supply No connection 17 35 No connection No connection 18 36 No connection Field Wiring Terminals Field Wiring 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Q1 ~ Q2 ~ Q3 ~ Q4 ~ Q5 ~ Q6 ~ Q7 ~ Q8 ~ NC NC Q9 ~ Q10 ~ Q11 ~ Q12 ~ Q13 ~ Q14 ~ Q15 ~ Q16 ~ NC NC

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