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IC693MAR590 | IC693MAR590H

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  • Description: 120Vac Input Relay Output
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Product Manual Excerpt

120 Volt AC Input, Relay Output, 8 Inputs/8 Outputs IC693MAR590 The 120 volt AC Input/Relay Output module for the Series 90-30 Programmable Logic Controller provides 8 input points with one common power input terminal, and 8 normally-open relay circuits in the same module. The input circuits are reactive (resistor/capacitor) inputs and are arranged as one group of 8 inputs. The output points are arranged in two groups of four points each. Each group has a common power output terminal. Input characteristics are compatible with a wide range of user-supplied devices, such as: pushbuttons, limit switches, and electronic proximity switches. Current through an input results in a logic 1 in the input status table (%I). Power to operate the field devices must be supplied by the user. This module s input section requires an AC power source, it cannot be used with a DC power source. The normally-open relay circuits are used for controlling output loads provided by the user. The output switching capacity of each output is 2 amps. The relay outputs can control a wide range of user-supplied load devices, such as: motor starters, solenoids, and indicators. Power for the internal relay circuits is provided by the +24 volt DC bus on the backplane. The user must supply the AC or DC power to operate field devices. There are no fuses on this module. LED indicators which provide the ON/OFF status of each point are located at the top of the module. The LEDs are arranged in two horizontal rows with eight green LEDs in each row. The top row is labeled A1 through 8 (input points 1 through 8) and the bottom row is is labeled B1 through B8 (relay output points 1 through 8). An insert goes between the inside and outside surface of the hinged door. The surface towards the inside of the module (when the hinged door is closed) has circuit wiring information, and circuit identification information can be recorded on the outside surface. The outside left edge of the insert is color-coded red to indicate a high-voltage module. This module can be installed in any I/O slot of a 5 or 10-slot baseplate in a Series 90-30 PLC system. 8 8-2 Series 90 30 PLC I/O Module Specifications July 2000 GFK 0898F Table 8-1. Specifications for IC693MAR590 Inputs Rated Voltage 120 volts AC Input Voltage range 0 to 132 volts AC Inputs per Module 8 (one group of eight inputs) Isolation 1500 volts RMS between field and logic side 500 volts RMS between inputs Input Current 12 mA (typical) at rated voltage Input Characteristics On-State Voltage 74 to 132 volts AC Off-State Voltage 0 to 20 volts AC On-State Current 6 mA (minimum) Off-State Current 2.2 mA (maximum) On Response Time 30 ms typical Off Response Time 45 ms typical Outputs Rated Voltage 24 VDC, 120/240 VAC Operating Voltage 5 to 30 volts DC 5 to 250 volts AC, 50/60 Hz Outputs per Module 8 (two groups of four outputs each) Isolation 1500 volts RMS between field and logic side 500 volts RMS between groups Maximum Load 2 amps maximum per output 4 amps maximum per common Minimum Load 10 mA Maximum Inrush 5 amps On Response Time 15 ms maximum Off Response Time 15 ms maximum Internal Power Consumption 80 mA (all I/O on) from +5V backplane bus 70 mA (all outputs on) from relay +24V backplane bus Maximum load current is dependent on operating voltage as shown in the following table. Refer to Appendix B for product standards and general specifications. Table 8-2. Load Current Limitations for IC693MAR590 Operating Maximum Current for Load Type Typical Contact Life Voltage Resistive Lamp or Solenoid (number of Operations) 240 VAC, 120 VAC, 24 VDC 2 amps .6 amps 200,000 240 VAC, 120 VAC, 24 VDC 1 amp .3 amps 400,000 240 VAC, 120 VAC, 24 VDC .5 amps .1 amp 800,000 For inductive loads Discrete Combination Modules 8 GFK 0898F Chapter 8 Discrete Combination Modules 8-3 Relay contact life, when switching inductive loads, will approach resistive load contact life if suppression circuits are used. The following figures are examples of typical suppression circuits for AC and DC loads. The 1A, 100V diode shown in the DC load typical suppression circuit is an industry standard 1N4934. The resistor and capacitor shown for AC load suppression are standard components, available from most electronics distributors. DC LOADS SERIES 90-30 RELAY OUTPUT COM DC SUPPLY 1A, 100V a45151A Load Coil Field Wiring Information The following figure provides wiring information for connecting user supplied input and load devices, and power source(s) to the 120 Volt Input/Relay Output module.

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