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IC693DSM324 | IC693DSM324-AA

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Product Manual Excerpt

November 3, 2004 GFK-2354 IMPORTANT PRODUCT INFORMATION READ THIS INFORMATION FIRST Product: DSM324i Motion Controller For PACSystems RX3i and Series 90-30 Firmware Version 1.0 IC694DSM324-AA IC693DSM324-AA This document contains information that is not available in any other publication; therefore, we recommend you save it for future reference. The DSM324i Module can control up to four FANUC βi-series digital servos. This new controller also supports high speed Local Logic that allows the DSM to perform limited logical decisions and math synchronous with the position loop update rate. Local Logic also supports high-speed digital output control synchronous to axis motion. Additionally, an electronic CAM follower function is supported by the module. This allows the module to be used in many applications traditionally supported by mechanical CAMs. High Performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provides vector control of GE Fanuc AC servos Servo loop update: Digital mode: 62.5 µsec (torque), 125 µsec (velocity) 1 Axis mode no Local Logic: 0.5 msec (position) 1 Axis mode with Local Logic: 1.0 msec (position) 2 Axis mode no Local Logic: 1.0 msec (position) 2-3 Axis mode with Local Logic: 2.0 msec (position) 3-4 Axis mode no Local Logic: 2.0 msec (position) Block processing time under 5 msec Velocity Feed Forward and Position Error Integrator to enhance tracking accuracy Local Logic Electronic CAM High resolution of programming units Position: -536,870,912 .. +536,870,911 User Units (at 1:1 User Units / Counts) Velocity: 1 ..8,388607 User Units / sec (at 1:1 User Units / Counts) Acceleration: 1 .. 1,073,741,823 User Units / sec / sec (at 1:1 User Units / Counts) Ease of Use Single Point of programming Simple and powerful instruction set One or two axis motion programs with synchronized block start on axis 1 & axis 2 Up to four concurrent single axis motion programs 2 Important Product Information GFK-2354 Integrated Motion Programming, Local Logic and Electronic CAM Programming Backplane Motion, Local Logic, and CAM Program Transfer User scaling of programming units Generic programming using command parameters as operands for Acceleration, Velocity, Move and Dwell commands Configured with Logic Developer software Automatic data transfer between Host Controller and the DSM324i without user programming Ease of I/O connection with factory cables and terminal blocks as well as a serial port for connecting programming devices Versatile I/O Control of GE Fanuc βi Series Digital servos Home and overtravel switch inputs for each Servo Axis Two Position Capture Strobe Inputs for each axis can capture axis and/or master position with an accuracy of +/-1 counts plus 10 microseconds of variance. 5V, 24V and Analog I/O for use by Host Controller Three Incremental Quadrature Encoder inputs. Four Incremental Quadrature Encoder Inputs are possible if the Encoder Marker is not used Quadrature Encoder input for Follower Master axis Analog Output can be controlled by the Host Controller or used as Digital Servo Tuning monitor High speed digital output (four 24V and four 5V) via on-board Local Logic control Product Documentation DSM324i Motion Controller for PACSystems RX3i and Series 90-30 User's Manual, GFK-2347 Important Product Information (this document), GFK-2354 Operational Notes 90-30 CPU Firmware Use of DSM324i firmware version 1.0 or higher requires PACSystems Rx3i firmware release 2.8 or later or Series 90-30 CPU firmware release 10.0 or later. Programmer Software Use of DSM324i firmware version 1.0 or higher requires Machine Edition Logic Developer – PLC Version 5.0, Service Pack 2 or later. The DSM324i is not compatible with LM90, Control, VersaPro or the DOS-based Motion Programmer (IC641SWP065). Important Product Information 3 GFK-2354 Essential Configuration Parameters PROFICY Machine Edition Logic Developer – PLC (version 5.0, Service Pack 2 or later) software must be used to configure the DSM324i module. The following configuration parameters will typically not default to the settings required for many applications and must be changed by the user or are features not available in this firmware release. Motor Type For digital servos motor type must be changed to the correct GE Fanuc motor type. Select type 0 only if no servo is used. Acceleration Feed Forward Percentage Acceleration Feed Forward Percentage is not supported in this firmware release. Feedback Source Feedback Source must use default or Ext Quadrature Encoder. Ext Quadrature Encoder is used with Digital Mode Axis-1 only. Feedback Mode If Feedback Source is set to Ext. Quadrature Encoder, then Feedback Mode is always Incremental (even if set to Absolute). Ramp Makeup Mode Ramp Makeup Mode must use Makeup Time. Ramp Makeup Velocity The Ramp Makeup Velocity is used when the Follower Disable Action is Inc Position or Abs Position and the follower slave axis reverses direction after a follower disable trigger. Host Controller %Q Bits Host Controller %Q bits are by design, RETENTIVE in nature. These bits ONLY become NONRETENTIVE after the location is used (programmed) in a Host Controller program. All motion causing %Q bits such as Drive Enable, Start Motion program, Jog, etc. must be controlled from a programmed Host Controller coil reference for safe operation. Cables Two I/O cables, an FSSB command cable and one communication cable are available for use with the DSM324i, as described below. Consult the factory regarding custom length cables. Cable Description IC693CBL324 1 meter terminal board connection 5V I/O cable IC693CBL325 3 meter terminal board connection 5V I/O cable IC693CBL319 1 meter terminal board connection 24V I/O cable IC693CBL311 3 meter terminal board connection 24V I/O cable A66L-6001-0023#L150R0 FSSB Cable 0.15 meter A66L-6001-0023#L1R003 FSSB Cable 1 meter A66L-6001-0023#L3R003 FSSB Cable 3 meter A66L-6001-0026#L1R003 FSSB Cable 1 meter/sheath A66L-6001-0026#L5R003 FSSB Cable 5 meter/sheath A66L-6001-0026#L10R03 FSSB Cable 10 meter/sheath A66L-6001-0026#L20R03 FSSB Cable 20 meter/sheath IC693CBL316 Motion programmer communications cable 4 Important Product Information GFK-2354 Terminal Boards Two terminal boards for user I/O connections are now available for use with the DSM324i, as described below. IC693ACC336 5V I/O terminal board 44A726268-001 24V I/O terminal board These terminal boards provide screw terminal connections for I/O signals such as Position Strobes, Home Switches, Limit Switches, Analog Inputs and Analog Outputs. For additional information, refer to Chapter 3 of GFK-2347, DSM324i Motion Controller for PACSystems RX3i and Series 90-30 User's Manual. Follower Disable and Abort Operation When the follower function is active, The DSM ABORT %Q bit DOES NOT disable the follower function. The user can immediately halt motion by turning off the Enable Follower %Q bit. Thus, the ABORT %Q bit halts programmed motion and the Enable follower %Q bit halts follower motion. CAM in Absolute Mode can Lose Synch if Master Drive is Disabled If the Master axis is disabled and then re-enabled, the CAM axis will lose master counts that result from master axis motion that occurs while the master axis is disabled. In Absolute mode, this can cause the CAM axis to lose synch from the absolute master value. It is recommended that when the CAM command is operated in absolute mode, the CAM be aborted when the master axis is disabled. New Features and Functionality Local Logic Programming The DSM324i includes Local Logic capability. The local logic program works in conjunction with the Host Controller logic program and motion program to yield a flexible programming environment. Specifically, local logic programs provide the user with the ability to perform math and logic that is deterministic and synchronized with the DSM Position Loop execution rate. This ability is critical to many applications where the accuracy and/or speed require this tight synchronization. Follower Configuration and Sources The DSM324i supports a virtual (time based) Auxiliary master axis that can be configured in place of one or more of the controlled axes. Other axes on the same module can be independently configured to follow this virtual axis or a real encoder master. Other follower mode improvements include: User defined units can be used in follower mode An independent acceleration setting is now available for follower make-up move Registration move option added to follower disable action list (incremental position) Separate %I bit to indicate the follower ramp is active Configurable follower enable and disable triggers Four Axis Digital Servo The DSM324i provides the ability to control up to four FANUC βi-series digital servos . Important Product Information 5 GFK-2354 Improved Strobe Resolution Strobe resolution is +/- 1 counts with 10 microsecond of additional variance. If a strobe occurs during extreme accelerations the resolution will decrease slightly. Position Loop Update Rate The DSM324i will dynamically adjust the position loop update rate for optimal performance based on the number and type of axes configured: 1 Axis mode no Local Logic: 0.5 msec (position) 1 Axis mode with Local Logic: 1.0 msec (position) 2 Axis mode no Local Logic: 1.0 msec (position) 2-3 Axis mode with Local Logic: 2.0 msec (position) 3-4 Axis mode no Local Logic: 2.0 msec (position) Backplane Motion and Local Logic Program Transfer Each time the Host Controller powers up, the DSM programs are loaded via the backplane to each module. This allows multiple DSM modules to share the same program and also allows swapping DSM modules during troubleshooting without transferring programs Enhanced I/O Assignment Output arbitration between Host Controller and Local Logic program control can be configured by the user CTL bits and output bit assignments are configurable Faceplate I/O functions are configurable via the hardware configuration Parameter Based Subroutine Calls Motion program subroutine calls can be dynamically altered by using parameter based references instead of the fixed references. In-Zone Bit Based on Position Error Only In the DSM302, the In-Zone %I bit is controlled by the Position Error status and the Moving %I bit. In the DSM324i, The In-Zone %I bit is controlled only by the Position Error status, allowing this bit to be used to determine if an axis is accurately following the command during a move. Reversal Compensation Changes The reversal compensation value is not reflected in the commanded position or actual position values allowing a more accurate determination of axis position in systems with backlash. 6 Important Product Information GFK-2354 Restrictions and Open Problems Restriction/Problem Description Cyclic Circular CAM with Negative-going Master - problem w/CAM blend and 2nd CAM is ABS. The following problem is restricted to a cyclic-circular CAM in absolute master mode in a sequence of CAMs with the master going backward: If the master has already rolled over (moved a few counts) in the previous CAM and the slave did not roll over (because the previous CAM exited), the slave will not automatically rollover backwards into the next sequential CAM without an intervening Move command. Otherwise, this could generate a velocity limit error as the slave attempts to move without rolling over to the corresponding value matching the current master position. Incremental Distance Parameter for Follower Disable Action not Functional The incremental distance parameter used to specify the incremental distance for the axis to travel prior to stop is not functional. The axis will perform the default stop action Follower makeup time error EC can then be followed by error code EB The module correctly reports the error code EC when the follower makeup time is not long enough. However, in some instances, this can be followed by error code EB that indicates an error in the calculations has occurred. Fixing the cause of the EC error will also fix the cause of the EB error

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