IC693DSM314 | IC693DSM314-AA

GE-IP | 9030 | GE Fanuc 90-30 GE-IP PLC


IC693DSM314 | IC693DSM314-AA

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: Ge Fanuc Series 90-30 DSM314 Motion Controller, 1-2 axis Digital Servo or 1-4 Axis Analog
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Product Manual Excerpt

Features Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control of GE Fanuc Servos Block Processing time under 5 milliseconds Velocity Feed Forward and Position Error Integrator to enhance tracking accuracy High resolution of programming units - Position: -536,870,912...+536,870,911 User Units - Velocity: 1 ... 8,388,607 User Units/sec - Acceleration: 1 1,073,741,823 User Units/sec/sec Simple and powerful motion program instruction set Simple 1- to 4-axis motion programs. Multi-axis programs using Axes 1 and 2 may utilize a synchronized block start. Non-volatile storage for 10 programs and 40 subroutines created with VersaPro software (Version 1.1 or later). Compatible with Series 90-30 CPUs equipped with firmware release 10.0 or later (will not work with CPUs 311 341 and 351). Single point of connection for all programming and configuration tasks, including motion program creation (Motion Programs 1 10) and Local Logic programming. All programming and configuration is loaded through the PLC s programming communications port. In turn, the CPU loads all configuration, motion programs, and Local Logic programs to the DSM314 across the PLC backplane. User scaling of programming units (User Units) in both Standard and Follower modes. DSM314 firmware, stored in Flash memory, is updated via its front panel COMM port. Firmware update kits provide firmware and Loader software on floppy disk. Firmware is also available for download on the GE Fanuc web site (http://www.gefanuc.com/support). Recipe programming using command parameters as operands for Acceleration, Velocity, Move, and Dwell Commands Automatic Data Transfer between PLC tables and DSM314 without user programming Ease of I/O connection with factory cables and terminal blocks Electronic CAM capability, starting with Firmware Release (Version) 2.0 Control of GE Fanuc Series and Series Digital servos, SL-Series servos, or third party servos with analog velocity command or analog torque command interface. Home and overtravel switch inputs for each Servo Axis Two Position Capture Strobe Inputs for each axis can capture axis and/or master position with an accuracy of +/-2 counts plus 10 microseconds of variance. 5V , 24V and analog I/O for use by PLC Incremental Quadrature Encoder input on each axis for Encoder/Analog mode Quadrature Encoder input for Follower Master axis 13 bit Analog Output can be controlled by PLC or used as Digital Servo Tuning monitor High speed digital output (four each 24V and four each 5V) via on-board Local Logic control IC693DSM314 Motion Mate Digital Servo Module (DSM314) The Motion Mate DSM314 is a high-performance motion control module that is highly integrated with the logic solving and communications functions of the Series 90-30 PLC. In digital mode, this module controls GE Fanuc digital servos. In analog mode, this module controls servos with an analog command input, such as the GE Fanuc SL Series Servos, or third party analog servos. COMM STAT OK CFG EN3 EN1 EN4 EN2 C A D B Status LED s Stat OK CFG EN1 - EN4 COMM 6-pin RJ-11 connector. Provides RS-232 connection for firmware update Connector A Servo Axis 1 Connector B Servo Axis 2 Grounding Tab on Bottom of Module Connector C Servo Axis 3 Connector D Servo Axis 4 Motion Mate DSM314 Figure 8-13. Motion Mate DSM314 Module GFK-0356Q Chapter 8 Option Modules 8-21 8

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