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IC693CPU370 | IC693CPU370-AB

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  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 CPU Ethernet IC693
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Product Manual Excerpt

Series 90*-30 PLC IC693CPU370-AB GFK-2490A CPU370 PLUS March 2010 The CPU370 PLUS is a high-performance, cost-effective member of the Series 900F * -30 PLC family. CPU features include: ▪ High speed Boolean and non-Boolean processing provided by a 586-class 133MHz processor. ▪ Support for EZ Store Device allows you to download a program without a PC. (Requires a CMM321 Ethernet module for programmer connection.) ▪ 240KB of user memory. ▪ Support for Ethernet communications through an IC693CMM321 Ethernet Interface module, which allows you to connect the PLC directly to an Ethernet LAN using TCP/IP via a user-supplied transceiver and AAUI cable. The CMM321 provides SRTP client/server and basic Modbus/TCP server capabilities. CPU370 PLUS PS PORT ON OFF Ordering information Description Catalog Number Series 90-30 CPU370 PLUS IC693CPU370 Auxiliary Battery Module IC693ACC302 High Capacity Power Supplies 120/240 VAC/125 VDC, 30W IC693PWR330 24 VDC, 30W IC693PWR331 12 VDC, 30W IC693PWR332 E-Z Program Store Device IC200ACC003 The CPU370 PLUS requires a high capacity power supply. Because the built-in battery is limited to 1.2 months of continuous power outage, an IC693ACC302 external battery is recommended. * indicates a trademark of GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 2 Series 90-30 CPU GFK-2490A IC693CPU370 PLUS Specifications Controller Type Single slot CPU module Processor Processor Speed 133 MHz Processor Type AMD SC520 Execution Time (Boolean Operation) 0.12 μsec per Boolean instruction Type of Memory Storage RAM and Flash Memory User Memory (total) 240KB Note: Actual size of available user program memory depends on the amounts configured for %R, %AI, and %AQ word memory types. Discrete Input Points - %I 2,048 (fixed) Discrete Output Points - %Q 2,048 (fixed) Discrete Global Memory - %G 1,280 bits (fixed) Internal Coils - %M 4,096 bits (fixed) Output (Temporary) Coils - %T 256 bits (fixed) System Status References - %S 128 bits (%S, %SA, %SB, %SC - 32 bits each) (fixed) Register Memory - %R Configurable 128 to 16,320 words Analog Inputs - %AI Configurable 128 to 16,320 words Analog Outputs - %AQ Configurable 128 to 16,320 words System Registers - %SR 28 words (fixed) Timers/Counters >2,000 (depends on available user memory) Hardware Support Battery Backed Clock Yes Battery Back Up (Number of months with no power) 1.2 months for internal battery (installed in the power supply) 15 months with external battery (IC693ACC302) Load Required from Power Supply 7.4 watts at 5VDC. High Capacity power supply required. Hand Held Programmer CPU370 does not support Hand Held Programmer EZ Program Store Device Yes. Requires a CMM321 Ethernet module. Total Baseplates per System 8 (CPU baseplate + 7 expansion and/or remote) Software Support Interrupt Support Supports the periodic subroutine feature. Communications and Programmable Coprocessor Compatibility Yes Override Yes Floating Point Math Yes, hardware floating point math Communications Support Built-in Serial Ports No serial ports on CPU370. Supports RS-485 port on power supply. Protocol Support SNP and SNPX on power supply RS-485 port Ethernet Communications Supports the IC693CMM321 Ethernet Interface module Environmental and Agency Specifications Refer to Installation Requirements for Conformance to Standards, GFK-1179 Series 90-30 CPU 3 GFK-2490A Release Information This release resolves the issue described in CPU Problems Resolved by Firmware Version 12.22 on page 3H4. CPU370 PLUS Release History Revision Firmware Version Date CPU370-AB 12.22 Mar-10 CPU370-AA 12.15 Sep-07 Upgrades The upgrade kit containing CPU version 12.22 and Ethernet version 4.52 can be downloaded from 0H12http://www.ge-ip.com/support or purchased. Upgrade Kit: 82A1096-MS10-000-A1 CPU Functional Compatibility IC693MDL730 Discrete Output Module version requirements All IC693MDL730 modules used with a CPU370 PLUS must be version E or later. When Revision D or earlier modules are used the module may occasionally update the outputs incorrectly. HHP compatibility The CPU370 PLUS does not support the Hand Held Programmer. Programmer version requirements Proficy™ Machine Edition Logic Developer PLC 5.7 or later must be used to configure and program the CPU370 PLUS. C Toolkit compatibility Version 4.00 or later of the C toolkit must be used for C programming. IC693CMM321 Ethernet Option Module version requirements All Series 90-30 Ethernet Interface (IC693CMM321) modules used with this CPU should be updated to IC693CMM321 firmware release 1.10 or later. FBC compatibility FIP Bus Controller version 3 or later is required for this CPU. Power supply compatibility and requirements A CPU370 requires the use of a High Capacity Power Supply (IC693PWR330, IC693PWR331 or IC693PWR332). Power consumptions of the CPU370 and its supporting devices are listed below: „ CPU370 requires 1.48A @ +5VDC (= 7.4 Watts). „ If used, the converter in the IC690ACC901 serial cable assembly adds 100mA at 5VDC (=0.5 Watts). „ If used, the IC690ACC900 RS-422/RS-485 to RS-232 converter adds 170 mA at 5 VDC (=0.85 Watts). IC693ALG220/221 Analog Input Module version requirements The CPU37x is not compatible with versions F and earlier of the IC693ALG220/221 Analog Input Modules. Version G or later of the IC693ALG220/221 must be used with these CPUs. If a version F or earlier IC693ALG220/221 module is used with a CPU37x the %AI values reported by the module may exhibit erratic behavior. IC693PBM200 PROFIBUS Master Module version requirements All IC693PBM200 modules used with a CPU37x must be updated to firmware version 1.16 or later. When earlier IC693PBM200 versions are used with CPU37x, backplane communications errors and PLC faults occur frequently while the CPU is in RUN mode. IC693PBS201 PROFIBUS Slave Module version requirements All IC693PBS201 modules used with a CPU37x must be updated to firmware version 1.28.1 or later. Earlier IC693PBS201 versions have issues similar to IC693PBM200 versions earlier than 1.16. 4 Series 90-30 CPU GFK-2490A CPU Restrictions and Open Issues Subject Description Power supply serial port does not respond to SNP/SNPX requests The Power Supply Serial Port does not respond to SNP or SNPX requests that include the break character if: „ an Attach message is received that is missing the last character before the Block Check Code (BCC), „ a message is received that has an invalid BCC or is corrupted so the calculated BCC doesn’t match the BCC specified in the message. Power to the CPU must be cycled to regain communications. Call to Service Request 24 (Reset Module) may need to be repeated As expected, a Loss of, or missing option module fault is always recorded in the PLC fault table when using SVC REQ #24 to reset an IO module. However, the CPU370 PLUS does not always record the corresponding Reset of, addition of, or extra option module. Instead, this fault occurs every other execution of SVC #24 rather than every execution. Serial communication at 1200 baud A break-free SNP serial connection at 1200 baud may fail occasionally. If failures are observed, users should choose a higher baud rate. Programmer communications are not affected by this problem. CPU370 PLUS warm restart time exceeds 5 seconds CPU370 PLUS power-up time takes longer than 5 seconds from the time when power is applied until logic begins execution and I/O is written by the CPU. CPU Problems Resolved by Firmware Version 12.22 PID execution issues In previous releases, two parameters ‘Upper Range for SP,PV’ and ‘PREV_FILT_DERIV_TERM ’ overlap at word offset-28 of PID parameter block causing it to be cleared when switched from STOP to RUN. In version 12.22, the problem is corrected by removing the overlap of parameters. The parameter ‘PREV_FILT_DERIV_TERM ’ is now addressed to word offset-30. CPU Operational Notes Subject Description Battery backup limitations The expected life of a standard Series 90-30 3-volt lithium battery used to back up a CPU370 is 1.2 months when used continuously. If a longer battery backup period is required, the external battery module (IC693ACC302) is available. The extended battery module provides a nominal battery backup period of 15 months for the CPU370. See GFK-2124 for additional information. Overrides not stored to flash or EZ Program store device When storing reference data to flash or the EZ Program Store Device, overrides are not stored. This means that after the reference data is read back from flash or the EZ Program Store Device and subsequently the PLC is put into Run Mode, the logic may execute differently. Therefore, overrides should not be used if reference data is stored to flash or to the EZ Program Store Device. If overrides are used, particular care should be taken to prevent loading reference data from flash at power up. If this precaution is not observed, unexpected operation may occur upon power cycle. Writing flash using a serial programmer When writing very large programs to flash memory, you may need to increase the request timeout value in the programming software to avoid receiving a request timeout message. An upper bound of 25 seconds is typically satisfactory. Series 90-30 CPU 5 GFK-2490A Subject Description Storing large configurations A Series 90-30 PLC using a CPU370 supports a maximum of 32 DSM314 modules. This number is reduced when other intelligent modules are used in the PLC, such as APM and GBC modules. It may also be reduced when: „ The number of racks in the PLC increases; „ The total size of logic, motion and AUP files increases; „ The application uses C logic blocks or a C logic program; and „ Connected programmers or HMI devices are used to read reference memory or fault tables. In some cases it may be possible to increase the number of DSM314 modules that the CPU370 will accept in the hardware configuration by storing logic first and then storing the configuration separately. Simultaneous load and store When operating with multiple programmers attached, initiating a store operation from one programmer during a load operation from another programmer will cause the load to fail. Transition Tables are not cleared when the reference tables are cleared The transition tables are not cleared when the reference tables are cleared through the programmer. Upgrading Firmware with Many Modules in Rack The process of upgrading the PLC firmware with the WinLoader utility may fail when multiple IO modules are in the main, remote or expansion racks, due to the extra time it takes to restart the PLC CPU. If the upgrade process fails, wait until the OK LED on the power supply stops blinking and then click the Retry button on the WinLoader Firmware Update Failed dialog box. If the upgrade fails again, move the PLC CPU to a rack without IO modules and restart the upgrade process. Auto-baud Feature Not Supported The serial auto-baud feature, intended to allow a serial connection at lower baud rates than the default 19.2K, is not supported on the CPU370. If you want to connect at a non-default baud rate, the proper configuration should first be stored to the PLC. Fault is not logged if power cycling is done when using the portable download device to transfer to the PLC Power should not be cycled when performing operations with the portable download device. Cycling power can result in the downloaded data not being properly stored, which will cause the PLC to clear the memory on power-up. The Series 90-30 High Speed Counter may be lost over multiple successive power cycles. The 90-30 HSC module may not complete its initialization and set its Module Ready bit after a series of power cycles in close succession. Upon failure, the module needs to be reset or the rack needs to be power cycled once more. Use of the EZ Program Store Device with a CPU370 PLUS Writes to the EZ Program Store Device, IC200ACC003, can be initiated only through Machine Edition, requiring both the device and Machine Edition to be connected to the CPU at the same time. Because the device uses the RS-485 serial port on the Series 90-30 power supply, the CPU370 PLUS must communicate with the programmer through a CMM321 Ethernet module. Note: This information will be added to the next scheduled revisions of the Series 90™-30/20/Micro PLC CPU Instruction Set Reference Manual, GFK-0467 and the Series 90-30 System Manual, GFK- 1411. 6 Series 90-30 CPU GFK-2490A Product Documentation Series 90-30 PLC Installation and Hardware Manual, GFK-0356 Series 90-30/20/Micro PLC CPU Instruction Set Reference Manual, GFK-0467 TCP/IP Ethernet Communications for the Series 90 PLC, GFK-1541B Auxiliary Battery Module, GFK-2124 Installation in Hazardous Locations The following information is for products bearing the UL marking for Hazardous Locations: • WARNING - EXPLOSION HAZARD - SUBSTITUTION OF COMPONENTS MAY IMPAIR SUITABILITY FOR CLASS I, DIVISION 2. • WARNING - EXPLOSION HAZARD - WHEN IN HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS, TURN OFF POWER BEFORE REPLACING OR WIRING MODULES. • WARNING - EXPLOSION HAZARD - DO NOT CONNECT OR DISCONNECT EQUIPMENT UNLESS POWER HAS BEEN SWITCHED OFF OR THE AREA IS KNOWN TO BE NONHAZARDOUS. • EQUIPMENT LABELED WITH REFERENCE TO CLASS I, GROUPS A, B, C & D, DIV. 2 HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS IS SUITABLE FOR USE IN CLASS I, DIVISION 2, GROUPS A, B, C, D OR NON-HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS ONLY

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