IC693CPU323 | IC693CPU323K

GE-IP | 9030 | GE Fanuc 90-30 GE-IP PLC


IC693CPU323 | IC693CPU323K

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc 10-Slot Rack With Turbo CPU in base 12K bytes User
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  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

NUMBER OF ENHANCED GCMs ALLOWED The I/O configuration limit of two GCM+’s has been eliminated. The number of GCM+’s that can be configured is limited only by the presence of a GCM (in which case, no GCM+’s may be configured - this is no change) or by the maximum configuration size that the PLC can hold. So if a new GCM+ added into the I/O configuration would cause the configuration size to exceed the maximum allowed, then the new GCM+ is not accepted. 7. FASTER MAIN RACK DO_IO (Model 331 only) The ALT parameter of the DO_IO function block can now be used to enter the slot of a single module in the main rack. In this case, the DO_IO function block will execute in 80 microseconds, instead of the 236 microseconds required when the block is programmed without the ALT parameter. No error checking is performed to prevent overlapping ref- erence addresses or module type mismatches. 8. SNPX PROTOCOL The SNPX protocol is supported by all models in this release. Refer to the Communica- tions Protocols - SNP-X Protocol Specification for description of its use. 9. I/O LINK MASTER MODULE The I/O Link Master Module, IC693BEM321, is supported by all models except the model 211 in this release. Refer to the I/O Link Master Module User’s Manual for a description of its use. 10. WINDOW MODES The default window modes now work in a manner similar to the IC697 PLC window modes, except that the window times are not changeable but are fixed at a maximum of 6 ms. The default programmer window mode is LIMITED mode. In this mode, no more than 6 ms. per sweep is devoted to executing functions for the current programmer. If a function requires more than 6 ms. to execute, then only part of the function is performed each sweep. The default system communication window mode is RUN-TO -COMPLE- TION. In this mode, all pending requests are executed completely in the window, re- gardless of how many simultaneous requests are submitted to the CPU and regardless of how long the requests take to execute. Because the IC693 PLC watchdog timer is fixed, the total window time is limited to a maximum of 50 ms. Currently, the only way to change the window modes is by submitting a service request to the CPU, either using a custom SNP application program, or using a PCM application program. 11. RUN-MODE STORE Programs can now be stored from IC641 programming software to the PLC while the PLC is in RUN mode without clearing the non-retentive references. During the store process, the execution of the program is paused while scanning of I/O continues

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