IC693CPU311 | IC693CPU311I

GE-IP | 9030 | GE Fanuc 90-30 GE-IP PLC


IC693CPU311 | IC693CPU311I

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 5-Slot Rack With CPU in base
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  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

Wiring to I/O Modules Wiring connections to and from user-supplied input and output field devices are made to the detachable terminal board supplied with each I/O module. This removable terminal board makes it easy to pre-wire field wiring to the user-supplied input and output devices, and to replace modules in the field without disturbing existing field wiring. The I/O terminal boards has 20 screw terminals. Each terminal accepts up to one AWG #14 wire using ring or lug type terminals. Minimum recommended wire size is AWG #22. These terminals require a flat or Phillips head screwdriver for installing field wiring. An isolated 24 volt DC supply is available on the power supply. Wires are routed to and from the terminals out of the bottom of the terminal board cavity. Installing a Terminal Board To install a terminal board with no wires attached: 1. Hook the hinge, located on the bottom of the terminal board, to the lower slot on the module. 2. Push the terminal board toward the module until it snaps into place. 3. Open the terminal board cover and ensure that the latch on the module is securely holding the terminal board in place. Caution Check the label on the hinged door and the label on the module to ensure that they match. If a wired terminal board is installed on the wrong module type, damage to the module could occur. When installing a terminal board that has wiring attached, verify that the terminal board is connected to the proper module type. Figure 2-3 shows the recommended procedure for terminal board installation. a43062 2 3 1 Figure 2-3. Installing a Terminal Board 2 2-4 GFK-1028 Series 90-30 I/O Processor Module User’s Manual - June 1994 Removing a Terminal Board To remove a terminal board: 1. Open the plastic terminal board cover. 2. Push up on jacking lever to release the terminal block (Figure 2-4). 3. Grasp pull-tab toward you until contacts have separated from module housing and hook has disengaged for full removal (Figure 2-5). JACKING LEVER a43061 Figure 2-4. Releasing the Terminal Block PULL TAB a43715 Figure 2-5. Removing a Terminal Board 2 2-5 GFK-1028 Chapter 2 Installation and Wiring Field Wiring Considerations Warning You should calculate the maximum current for each wire and observe proper wiring practices. Failure to do so could cause injury to personnel or damage to equipment. It is recommended that the following procedures be followed when routing and connecting field wiring from user devices to the PLC or to output devices to be controlled by the PLC. D All low level signal wires should be run separately from other field wiring. D AC power wiring should be run separately from DC field wiring. D Field wiring should not be routed close to any device that could be a potential source of electrical interference. D If severe noise problems are present, additional power supply filtering or an isolation transformer may be required. D Ensure that proper grounding procedures are followed to minimize potential safety hazards to personnel. D Label all wires to and from I/O devices. Record circuit identification numbers or other pertinent data on the inserts for the module’s faceplate door).

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