IC693CMM321 | IC693CMM321-HJ

GE-IP | 9030 | GE Fanuc 90-30 GE-IP PLC


IC693CMM321 | IC693CMM321-HJ

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Modbus EGD Ethernet Interface TCP/IP Module
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  • Warranty: 1 Years
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  • Other Available Revisions of the IC693CMM321 : A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, -KN, -KM, -KL, -JL, -JK, -HJ, -GH, -FG, -EF, -EE, -DD, -CD, -CC, -BA,

Product Manual Excerpt

IC693CMM321-HJ, with FW version 3.11, See GFK-1085S for problems resolved May 21, 2004 GFK-1085S I MPORTANT P RODUCT I NFORMATION READ THIS INFORMATION FIRST Product: Factory LAN TCP/IP Ethernet Interface Module for IC693 PLC IC693CMM321-HJ with Firmware Release 3.11 This document contains information about this product that is not available in any other publication; therefore, we suggest you read it and then save it with your other PLC documentation. General Description Hardware release IC693CMM321-HJ replaces an obsolete programmable logic device with a functional equivalent. There is no change to external form, fit, or function of the product. Firmware version 3.11, which was released with IC693CMM321-GJ is unchanged. Firmware version 3.11 resolves two issues in previous versions. For details, see Problems Resolved by this Release on page 6. Note that firmware releases numbered 3.00 and greater apply only to hardware revision -Fx modules or later. This firmware cannot be loaded into an IC693CMM321-Ax, -Bx, -Cx, -Dx, or -Ex. Users of the IC693CMM321-EF and earlier modules can update by replacing their older Ethernet Interface module with an IC693CMM321-Fx or -Gx or later module. CAUTION The release 3.11 field upgrade kit replaces both the TCP/IP software and software loader of the IC693CMM321. A power interruption during the approximately three seconds required to reprogram flash memory with the new software loader will cause the module to become completely inoperative. See Operational Notes on page 3 for more information. DO NOT attempt to upgrade your IC693CMM321 to release 3.11 unless your Series 90-30 PLC has a reliable power source. DO NOT turn power off during the upgrade process. This module provides MODBUS/TCP Master and Slave functionality. It provides network communications using the SRTP (Service Request Transfer Protocol) over standard TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) on an Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN). The Ethernet Interface supports communication between IC693 PLCs, IC697 PLCs, IC698 PLCs, and/or IC200 PLCs equipped with TCP/IP Ethernet Interfaces. It can communicate with the various Windows-based PLC software products and the TCP/IP version of the DOS-based software. Hardware Identification: EM3A2-44A751166-G01 R03 Software Identification: IC693CMM321-HJ Software Loader: Version 3.01 TCP/IP: Version 3.11 Replaces Module Versions: IC693CMM321-GJ Firmware Field Upgrade Kit 44A751570-G02 Note that this hardware requires the use of a Station Manager cable (IC693CBL316) to update firmware. 2 Important Product Information GFK-1085S Upgrade Strategy ■ Firmware version 3.11 is incompatible with module versions IC693CMM321-EF and earlier. ■ Module versions -FG and -FH may be upgraded to -FJ using the kit specified below. ■ Module version -GH may be upgraded to -GJ using the kit specified below. ■ Module hardware version -F may be upgraded to hardware version -H by returning modules to the factory. See “Problems Resolved by Hardware Versions –G and later” on page 6 for details. Functional Compatibility Release 3.11 of the IC693CMM321 is compatible with these products: ■ IC693 PLC CPU firmware version 6.50 or later; restricted operation with CPU firmware 5.03 (6.03 for Model 351 CPU). See “Additional Restrictions with CPU Firmware Earlier than Version 6.50” on page 8. ■ PLC Logic Developer version 2.11 or later. ■ VersaPro version 1.01 or later. Version 2.02 or later is required to store hardware configurations that contain module initialization files larger than 32,768 bytes. ■ Windows®-based programming software, version 2.01 or later. ■ The MS-DOS  -based programming software IC693 version 6.01 or later. ■ The MS-DOS-based programming software IC693 TCP/IP Ethernet version 7.01 or later. Hardware Compatibility EM3A2-44A751166-G01 R00 or later versions Documentation For changes and additions to user documentation, see page 9. TCP/IP Ethernet Communications User’s Manual, GFK-1541version B or later TCP/IP Ethernet Communications Station Manager Manual, GFK-1186 version G or later  MS-DOS, Windows, and Microsoft are registered trademarks of Microsoft, Incorporated

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