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IC693CMM321 | IC693CMM321-DD

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Modbus EGD Ethernet Interface TCP/IP Module
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Product Manual Excerpt

IC693CMM321-DD, with FW version 2.00, Hardware change Restarts for autonumbers that do not restart in each chapter. figure bi level 1, reset table_big level 1, reset chap_big level 1, reset app_big level 1, reset figure_ap level 1, reset table_ap level 1, reset figure level 1, reset table level 1, reset these restarts must be in the header frame of chapter 1. a:ebx, l 1 resetA a:obx:l 1, resetA a:bigbx level 1 resetA a:ftr level 1 resetA c:ebx, l 1 reset1 c:obx:l 1, reset1 c:bigbx level 1 reset1 c:ftr level 1 reset1 Reminders for autonumbers that need to be restarted manually (first instance will always be 4) let_in level 1: A. B. C. letter level 1:A.B.C. num level 1: 1. 2. 3. num_in level 1: 1. 2. 3. rom_in level 1: I. II. III. roman level 1: I. II. III. steps level 1: 1. 2. 3. GFK-1085G December 18, 1996 I MPORTANT P RODUCT I NFORMATION READ THIS INFORMATION FIRST Product: Factory LAN TCP/IP Ethernet Interface IC693CMM321-DD This is release 2.00 of the IC693 TCP/IP Ethernet Interface. This module provides network communications using the SRTP (Service Request Transfer Protocol) over TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol) on an Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN). The Interface supports communication between IC693 PLCs and/or IC697 PLCs (equipped with Ethernet Interface, IC697CMM741, and TCP/IP software, IC697ENS042). Also, the Interface now supports communication to IC641 TCP/IP Ethernet programming software. The Ethernet Interface can respond to applications that communicate via the TCP/IP Host Communications software. See later sections for restrictions. Release 2.00 of this module adds support for the Unsolicited Message feature and for automatic initialization of IP addressing information using the BOOTP bootstrap protocol. The Unsolicited Message feature adds COMMREQ support to the IC693 ladder language to allow intercommunication initiated from the IC693 PLC to a remote TCP/IP Host Communication Toolkit (HCT) software application. Support for transmission and receipt of remote station manager commands over the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is also added with this release. There are no operational differences between IC693CMM321-CD and IC693CMM321-DD. The update from CD to DD is a change to the printed circuit board assembly and Software Loader to permit use of the current version of the Intel 386 t EX device. Compatibility Release 2.00 of the IC693 Ethernet Interface is compatible with the following products: H IC693 PLC CPU firmware version 6.50 or later; restricted operation with CPU firmware 5.03 or later (version 6.03 or later for Model 351 CPU). See the section “ Additional Restrictions with CPU Firmware Earlier Than Version 6.50”. H IC641 programming software version 6.01 or later (required to configure the Ethernet Interface). H IC641 TCP/IP Ethernet programming software version 6.50 or later. (required for TCP/IP Ethernet communications to the TCP/IP Ethernet Interface). t Intel 386 is a trademark of Intel Corporation. 2 GFK-1085G December 18, 1996 Important Product Information: Factory LAN TCP/IP Ethernet Interface H Host Communications Toolkit software products, listed below. Note that applications built using previous releases of Toolkit products can successfully communicate only to IC697 Ethernet Interfaces. Applications must be relinked using the proper Toolkit release in order to communicate with the IC693 Ethernet Interface. (Once rebuilt, such applications may communicate interchangeably with both IC697 and IC 693 PLCs.) Refer to Host Communications Toolkit Important Product Information document (GFK-0871) for further details, including component version numbers. h Toolkit for Microsoft R Windows R C/C++ Applications (IC641SWP052D or later) h Toolkit for Windows NT C/C++ Applications (IC641SWP058B or later) h Toolkit for HP-UX C Applications (IC641SWP054B or later) h Toolkit for DEC t VAX/VMS C Applications (IC641SWP053B or later) h Toolkit for DEC Alpha AXP/VMS C/C++ Application (IC641SWP057B or later) h Host Communication Drivers for Windows (qty.1: IC641SWP050D; qty.10 - IC641SWP051D) Product Documentation TCP/IP Ethernet Communications for the IC693 PLC User’s Manual, GFK-1084. TCP/IP Ethernet Communications for the IC693 PLC Station Manager Manual , GFK-1186. Operational Notes System Prerequisites This version of Ethernet Interface firmware requires IC693 CPU firmware version 6.50 or later for full operation. Restricted operation is available with CPU firmware version 5.03 or later (6.03 or later for the Model 351 CPU). However, Ethernet Interface version 2.00 users are strongly urged to update their CPU firmware. See section, “Additional Restrictions With CPU Firmware Earlier Than Version 6.50”. IC641 TCP/IP Ethernet for IC693 PLCs requires both IC693 CPU version 6.5 and Ethernet Interface version 1.10 or higher. Power Supply Requirements The Ethernet Interface requires PLC Power Supply IC693PWR321 (Rev. K or later) or IC693PWR322. R Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. t DEC, VAX, Alpha AXP , and VMS are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corporation. 3 GFK-1085G December 18, 1996 Important Product Information: Factory LAN TCP/IP Ethernet Interface Power consumption of the Ethernet Interface module is 700mA @ +5VDC, plus power required by the AAUI transceiver. When calculating the total power consumption of the PLC rack, be sure to include the +5VDC required by the AAUI transceiver (typically 50 to 350mA) used with each Ethernet Interface; consult the transceiver documentation to obtain its power requirements. If used, also include the +5VDC power required by the RS-485-to -RS-232 Converter (typically 100mA). Configuration Through Serial Port Required Before Using IC641 TCP/IP Ethernet Programming Software Version 6.01 or later of the IC641 programming software (serial connection only) or version 6.50 or later of IC641 TCP/IP Ethernet programming software must be used to configure the Ethernet Interface prior to use. The Ethernet Interface cannot operate on the network until a valid IP address is configured. Two methods are available: 1. Perform the initial configuration using IC641 programming software through the PLC CPU serial port. 2. Connect a serial terminal to the station manager port (port1) of the Ethernet Interface. Then use the CHSOSW command to enter a temporary IP address. The interface can then be reached by the IC641 TCP/IP Ethernet programming software. Refer to TCP/IP Ethernet Communications Station Manager Manual, GFK-1186, for details. Note: This method of assigning an IP address is not recommended when the PLC CPU firmware is older than version 6.50 because an unconfigured Ethernet Interface is unable to operate for two minutes after the PLC is powered on. Proper IP Addressing is Always Essential The Ethernet Interface must be configured with the correct IP Address for proper operation in a TCP/IP Ethernet network. Use of incorrect IP addressing can disrupt network operation. Refer to TCP/IP Ethernet Communications User’s Manual, GFK-1084 for important information on IP addressing. AAUI Cable Attachment Power to the PLC must be turned off whenever the transceiver cable (AAUI cable) is connected or disconnected at the Interface or at the transceiver. Sudden changes in power supply loading caused by connecting or disconnecting the transceiver with power on may result in unexpected operation of the Ethernet Interface, PLC CPU or other modules. Connecting the transceiver with power on may also blow the protective fuse. A blown fuse cannot be replaced in the field; the Ethernet Interface must be returned for repair. SQE Enable The Ethernet Interface requires that the SQE test signal be enabled on the transceiver connecting it to the Ethernet LAN. Make sure your transceiver has SQE enabled. 4 GFK-1085G December 18, 1996 Important Product Information: Factory LAN TCP/IP Ethernet Interface No HHP Support The Hand Held Programmer (IC693PRG300) may not be used to configure the Ethernet Interface. Do not attempt to configure the Ethernet Interface via the HHP. Such attempts may result in erroneous Loss-of-Module faults in the PLC Fault Table or other unexpected behavior. Serial Load/Store of Register Table Causes the IC641 TCP/IP Ethernet Programmer To Lose Communication A load or store of the PLC Register (%R) table from the IC641 programmer connected through the CPU serial port can cause Ethernet applications that use the PLC programmer communication window to lose communication. This condition occurs when the load/store operation requires more than 10 seconds to complete. For example, transferring the %R table of a CPU 341 or CPU 351 at 19,200 baud or less will cause the timeout. The Ethernet Interface posts two or more PLC faults with the text “LAN system-software fault; resuming”, and fault-specific data starting with 080008 and/or 080042. In addition, faults with text “Bad remote application request; discarded request” (1B0021) and “Local request to send rejected; discarded request” (110005) may occur. The STAT LED on the Ethernet Interface goes out.

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