IC693CMM311 | IC693CMM311K

GE-IP | 9030 | GE Fanuc 90-30 GE-IP PLC


IC693CMM311 | IC693CMM311K

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Communications Card CCM RTU SNP and SNPx Protocols
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Product Manual Excerpt

This section explains how to install the CMM in the rack (Series 90-70) or baseplate (Series 90-30) and how to configure the module using Logicmaster 90 or the windows-based program- ming software. Topics covered are: D What you will Need D Installing the CMM D Configuring the CMM What you will Need Before you can begin the installation procedure, you must have the following equipment and software packages: D A Series 90-70 or Series 90-30 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). (For Series 90-30, the CPU must be a model CPU331 or higher.) D A Communications Coprocessor Module (CMM) to install and test: - IC697CMM711 for a Series 90-70 CMM - IC693CMM311 for a Series 90-30 CMM If this application uses CCM protocol with standard default settings for a Series 90-30 CMM (CMM 311), no other equipment is required. For other applications, you will also need the following: D A computer with a hard disk. D Programming software (either Logicmaster 90 or windows-based programming software). 2 Series 90 PLC Serial Communications User’s Manual – November 2000 2–8 GFK-0582D Installing the CMM Hardware The first step in the installation procedure is to physically install the CMM hardware and verify that it is working properly. Overview In a single rack system, the CMM resides in the same rack as the CPU. In a Series 90-70 mul- tiple rack system, the CMM can reside in either the CPU rack or in an expansion rack. The Series 90-30 CMM must reside in the same rack as the CPU. The following illustration shows one possible system configuration for installing a Series 90-70 CMM in a local or expansion rack: a44915 LOCAL RACK CONFIGURATION P S C P U C M M CPU RACK P S C P U B T M EXPANSION RACK P S B R M C M M Figure 2-6. Series 90-70 CMM Configurations The power supply, CPU, and Series 90-70 Bus Expansion Module must reside in specific slots within the rack. The term Bus Expansion Module includes both Bus Transmitter Modules and Bus Receiver Modules. The CPU Module must be located in slot 1 of rack 0. The Series 90-70 system usually includes a Bus Transmitter Module (BTM). Version A of the Bus Transmitter Module must be located to the right of all other GE boards; version B must be located in slot 2 of rack 0. If the PLC system will have more than one rack, a Bus Re- ceiver Module (BRM) must be located in slot 1 of each expansion rack. The CMM can be placed in any slot not already allocated in any rack, with the following cau- tions: D The configuration files created by the Logicmaster 90 configuration software must match the physical configuration of the modules. If they do not, the controller may not operate as expected. Any faults will be logged in the PLC fault table. D When CMMs are in a Series 90-70 rack, all the slots between the CMM and the PLC CPU must be occupied. If any of these slots are empty, the CMM will not be able to communi- cate across the backplane to the Series 90-70 PLC CPU. D The Series 90-30 CMM must be in the main rack (baseplate) with the PLC CPU.

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