IC693CHS399 | IC693CHS399Y

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IC693CHS399 | IC693CHS399Y

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: I/O Rack, Remote Expansion
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  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

A Power Supply module must be plugged into the left slot (which is not numbered) of these baseplates. The left slot is a unique size and type that only supports a Power Supply module. A CPU module (or a special Option module) must be installed in Slot 1 of these baseplates. Slot 1 is a unique size and type that only supports a CPU module or a special Option module like the FIP Remote I/O Scanner (IC693BEM330). Slot 1 is labeled CPU/1. Slots numbered 2 and above are of a unique size and type that only supports I/O or Option modules. Expansion and Remote baseplates are supported, so a 25-pin D-type female expansion connector is located at the right end of the baseplate for connecting to an Expansion or Remote baseplate. Since the CPU is modular, it can be replaced or changed to a different type if additional features are desired. Only one CPU baseplate is allowed per system. If more than one baseplate is used in a system, the additional ones must be either Expansion or Remote types. A modular CPU baseplate is always assigned, by default, Rack Number 0. I/O-2 I/O-3 I/O-4 I/O-5 C P U PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER BASE 5-SLOT CAUTION USER PROGRAM AND REGISTER VALUES MAY BE LOST IF POWER SUPPLY IS REMOVED FOR LONGER THAN 1 HOUR POWER SUPPLY NON-CPU SLOTS E X P A N S I O N CPU/1 Figure 3-4. IC693CHS397 5-Slot Modular CPU Baseplate PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER BASE 10-SLOT I/O-2 I/POWER CPU/1 O-3 I/O-4 I/O-5 I/O-6 I/O-7 I/O-8 I/O-9 I/O-10 SUPPLY NON-CPU SLOTS NON-CPU SLOTS C P U E X P A N S I O N USER PROGRAM AND REGISTER VALUES MAY BE LOST IF POWER SUPPLY IS REMOVED FOR LONGER THAN 1 HOUR CAUTION Figure 3-5. IC693CHS391 10-Slot Modular CPU Baseplate GFK-0356Q Chapter 3 Baseplates 3-7 3 Expansion Baseplates (Figures 3-6 and 3-7) There can be no more than a total of 50 feet (15 meters) of cable interconnecting Expansion baseplates and the CPU baseplate. An Expansion baseplate cannot stand alone. It must be connected to a system that has a CPU. The CPU can be in a PLC or in a Personal Computer that is equipped with a Personal Computer Interface Card (see Chapter 11). Maximum number of Expansion baseplates allowed per system depends on the type of CPU they are used with. For CPUs 331, 340, and 341, the maximum is 4. For CPUs numbered 350 and higher, the maximum is 7. Each Expansion baseplate has a 25-pin female D-type I/O Bus Expansion connector mounted at its right end for connection to other baseplates. Available in two versions; 5-slot (IC693CHS398) and 10-slot (IC693CHS392) An Expansion backplane does not support the following intelligent option modules: PCM, ADC, BEM330, and CMM311. These modules must be mounted in a CPU baseplate. All other I/O and option modules can be mounted in any type of rack. All Expansion baseplates must be connected to a common ground (see the Installation chapter for details). Expansion baseplates are the same physical size, use the same type power supplies, and support the same I/O and option modules as the Remote baseplates. Each Expansion baseplate has a Rack Number Selection DIP switch. PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER BASE 5-SLOT EXPANSION POWER I/O-1 I/O-2 I/O-3 I/O-4 I/O-5 SUPPLY NON-CPU SLOTS C P U E X P A N S I O N EXPANSION RACK # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DIP SW 1 2 3 X X X X X X X X X X = CLOSED Figure 3-6. IC693CHS398 5-Slot Expansion Baseplate 3-8 Series 90-30 PLC Installation and Hardware Manual August 2002 GFK-0356Q

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