IC693BEM340 | IC693BEM340-CD

GE-IP | 9030 | GE Fanuc 90-30 GE-IP PLC


IC693BEM340 | IC693BEM340-CD

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 FIP Bus Controller Mod. IC693BEM
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  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

The Series 90-30 PLC FIP Bus Controller (catalog number IC693BEM340) is used to inter- face a FIP I/O network to a Series 90-30 PLC. Series 90-70 PLC a46566 FIP I/O Bus Scanner Field Control I/O Station Series 90-30 Remote I/O Scanner FIP Bus Interface Unit PS FBC Up to 8 Field Control modules (4 shown). Series 90-30 PLC Generic Device FIP Inter- face Module Optional Redundant FIP Bus Optional Expansion Rack CPU PS FBC CPU PS A FIP bus is used to connect different types of devices on the FIP network: H Series 90-70 PLC , interfaced to a FIP bus by a Fip Bus Controller. H Field Control Stations , Field Control I/O modules that are interfaced to the bus via a FIP Bus Interface Unit (BIU). H Remote Drops , Series 90-30 I/O racks that are interfaced to the bus via FIP Remote I/O Scanner Modules. Each remote drop can have one 5- or 10-slot main rack, one 5- or 10-slot expansion rack and any mix of discrete and analog I/O modules. H Generic Devices , such as general-purpose computers that are interfaced to the bus via a FIP Interface Module. H Variable speed drives . 1 1-2 Series 90 t -30 FIP Bus Controller User’s Manual – March 1996 GFK-1213 FIP Bus Controller Description The FIP Bus Controller is a standard, rack-mounted Series 90-30 PLC module. It plugs easily into the PLC’s backplane. The latch on the bottom of the module secures it in position. a46560 9-Pin FIP Fieldbus Connector (channel 1) 9-Pin FIP Fieldbus Connector (channel 2) 15-Pin Serial Connector RS-485 Module OK Run Carrier Detect Ch. 1 Transmit Enable Ch. 1 Carrier Detect Ch. 2 Transmit Enable Ch. 2 There are no DIP switches or jumpers to set on the module. The Series 90-30 FIP Bus Controller has six status LEDs, an RS-485 serial port, and two identical FIP bus connectors. Status LEDs The 6 LEDs on the front of the FIP Bus Controller display module status and commu- nications activity. Serial Port The 15-pin serial port is used to connect a programmer or computer for upgrading the operating firmware of the Bus Controller. FIP Bus Connectors The two 9-pin connectors on the FIP Bus Controller provide for attachment of one or two FIP busses. The two busses provide a redundant bus capability. 1 1-3 GFK-1213 Chapter 1 Introduction Module Specifications Ordering information IC693BEM340 Module type Series 90–30 PLC module, providing FIP communications with other devices. Quantity per PLC As power supply will allow Current consumption 1.2 Amps maximum, 800mA typical Series 90–30 PLC, memory types for FIP data %G, %I, %Q, %AI, %AQ, %R, %M, %T Software diagnostics Status bits, Fault Reporting to Series 90–30 PLC Environmental: Operating temperature 0 _ C to +55 _ C (+32 _ F to +131 _ F) Storage temperature –25 _ C to +70 _ C (–13 _ F to +158 _ F) Humidity 5% to 95% (non–condensing) Vibration and shock 0.2 inch displacement 5Hz to 10Hz 1 G 10Hz to 200Hz 5 G 10Ms duration Compatibility Minimum hardware configuration: H Series 90-30 PLC baseplate H Power supply H CPU Specific equipment or software versions required for compatibility with the FIP Bus Controller module are listed below. CPU : The FIP Bus Controller can be used with all CPU models 311 – 351. The CPU firmware must be rel. 5.0 or later. Control 90 Software : rel. 1.5 or later. 2 section level 1 2-1 GFK-1213 Chapter 2 Installation This chapter describes: H Module Installation H Module Removal H Connecting the FIP Bus to the Bus Controller H Observing the LEDs H Upgrading the Bus Controller Firmware 2 2-2 Series 90 t -30 FIP Bus Controller User’s Manual – March 1996 GFK-1213 Module Installation The FIP Bus Controller module can be located in any I/O slot in a Series 90–30 CPU rack or I/O rack, including remote racks. For best performance, the main rack is required. Power must be OFF when installing or removing the module. To install the Bus Controller in the Series 90–30 PLC backplate: 1. Grasp the module with the terminal board toward you and the rear hook facing away from you. 2. Align the module with the desired base slot and connector. Tilt the module upward so that the top rear hook on the module engages the slot on the baseplate. 3. Swing the module downward until the connectors mate and the locking lever on the bottom of the module snaps into place, engaging the baseplate notch.

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