IC693BEM320 | IC693BEM320E

GE-IP | 9030 | GE Fanuc 90-30 GE-IP PLC


IC693BEM320 | IC693BEM320E

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 I/O Link IC693BEM
  • Weight: 1 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

PACSystems CPU Reference Manual, GFK-2222 PACSystems RX3i Hardware and Installation Manual, GFK-2314 TCP/IP Ethernet Communications for the PACSystems, GFK-2224 C Toolkit for PACSystems User’s Manual, GFK-2259 Proficy™ Machine Edition Getting Started, GFK-1868 Proficy Logic Developer – PLC Programming Software Getting Started, GFK-1918 Datasheet, PACSystems RX3i CPU, GFK-2316 IPI, PACSystems RX3i CPU , GFK-2329C (this document) 2 Important Product Information GFK-2329C CPU Functional Compatibility Subject Description Programmer Version Requirements Proficy™ Machine Edition Logic Developer 5.0 or later must be used to configure and program the RX3i. C Toolkit Compatibility The C Toolkit for PACSystems is distributed with Machine Edition Logic Developer 5.0 or greater. Toolkit build 50A1 or later is required for use with the RX3i. Please note: The Series 90 Toolkit (IC641SWP709/719) is not compatible with PACSystems. Series 90-30 Module Compatibility The PACSystems RX3i supports the following Series 90-30 modules: Discrete Input Modules: IC693ACC300, IC693MDL230/231/240/241/632/634/645/646/648/654/655 Discrete Output Modules: IC693MDL310/330/340/390/730/731/732/733/734/740/741/742/748/752/753/760/930 /931/940 Discrete Combinational: IC693MAR590, IC693MDR390 Analog I/O Modules: IC693ALG220/221/222/223/390/391/392/442 High Speed Counter: IC693APU300 FANUC I/O Link: IC693BEM320, IC693BEM321 Motion Control: IC693DSM314, IC693DSM324 All other Series 90-30 modules are not currently supported. IC694 (blue) Module Compatibility The PACSystems RX3i supports the following IC694 modules: Discrete Input Modules: IC694ACC300, IC694MDL230/231/240/241/632/634/645/646/654/655 Discrete Output Modules: IC694MDL310/330/340/390/732/734/740/741/742/752/753/930/931/940 Analog I/O Modules: IC694ALG220/221/222/223/390/391/392/442 High Speed Counter: IC694APU300 Motion Control: IC694DSM314, IC694DSM324 Expansion Backplanes: IC694CHS392/398 Expansion Power Supplies: IC694PWR321/330/331 IC695 (PCI) Module Compatibility Ethernet Interface: IC695ETM001 Universal Analog Input Module: IC695ALG600 Series 90-30 Expansion Rack Compatibility The PACSystems RX3i supports local and remote Series 90-30 expansion racks. PACSystems RX3i CPUs do not operate in a Series 90-30 Rack. Series 90-30 Main Rack Compatibility Series 90-30 Main Racks cannot be used in a PACSystems RX3i system. Series 90-30 CPUs do not operate in PACSystemsRX3i Racks. Isolated 24V power In applications that use the IC69xALG220/221/222, consult PACSystems RX3i Hardware and Installation Manual , GFK-2314 for details of wiring the 24V power.

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