IC693BEM320 | IC693BEM320C

GE-IP | 9030 | GE Fanuc 90-30 GE-IP PLC


IC693BEM320 | IC693BEM320C

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 I/O Link IC693BEM
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  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

Programmer Version Requirements Machine Edition Logic Developer 5.0 or later must be used to configure and program the RX3i. C Toolkit Compatibility The C Toolkit for PACSystems is distributed with Machine Edition Logic Developer 5.0 or greater. Toolkit build 50A1 or later is required for use with the RX3i. Please note: The Series 90 Toolkit (IC641SWP709/719) is not compatible with PACSystems. Series 90-30 Module Compatibility The PACSystems RX3i supports the following Series 90-30 modules: Discrete Input Modules: IC693ACC300, IC693MDL230/231/240/241/632/634/645/646/648/654/655 Discrete Output Modules: IC693MDL310/330/340/390/730/731/732/733/734/740/741/742/748/752/753/760/930/93 1/940 Discrete Combinational: IC693MAR590, IC693MDR390 Analog I/O Modules: IC693ALG220/221/222/223/390/391/392/442 High Speed Counter: IC693APU300 FANUC I/O Link: IC693BEM320, IC693BEM321 Motion Control: IC693DSM314 All other Series 90-30 modules are not currently supported. IC694 (blue) Module Compatibility The PACSystems RX3i supports the following IC694 modules: IC694ACC300, IC694MDL230/231/240/241/632/634/645/646/654/655 Discrete Output Modules: IC694MDL310/330/340/390/732/734/740/741/742/752/753/930/931/940 Analog I/O Modules: IC694ALG220/221/222/223/390/391/392/442 High Speed Counter: IC694APU300 Motion Control: IC694DSM314 Expansion Backplanes: IC694CHS392/398 Expansion Power Supplies: IC694PWR321/330/331 Series 90-30 Expansion Rack Compatibility The PACSystems RX3i supports local and remote Series 90-30 expansion racks. PACSystems RX3i CPUs do not operate in a Series 90-30 Rack. Series 90-30 Main Rack Compatibility Series 90-30 Main Racks cannot be used in a PACSystems RX3i system. Series 90-30 CPUs do not operate in PACSystemsRX3i Racks. Isolated 24V power In applications that use the IC69xALG220/221/222, consult PACSystems RX3i Hardware and Installation Manual , GFK-2314 for details of wiring the 24V power. Important Product Information 3 GFK-2329B Problems Resolved by this Version Subject Description At high temperatures, some CPUs don’t power up properly Some CPUs may not complete powering up when operating at high temp (above 52 ° C with hot neighbors, higher without hot neighbors). If you leave the CPU powered down for a few minutes, the CPU will cool and power up properly. New CPU Features and Enhancements The RX3i CPU provides the following new features and enhancements compared to the family of Series 90-30 CPUs:  Non-volatile flash (10Mbyte) and battery-backed user memory (up to 10 Mbytes).  A new register/WORD reference table (%W) that is configurable up to the maximum available user RAM.  Auto-located Symbolic Variables that can use any amount of user memory.  Larger reference table sizes, which include 32 Kbits for discrete %I and %Q and up to 32K words each for analog %AI and %AQ.  Support for new Rx3i modules, as well as Series 90-30 discrete and analog I/O, and High Speed Counter.  Application compatibility with PACSystems RX7i applications.  Up to 512 program blocks. Maximum size for a block is 128KB.  Online Edit and Test modes that allow editing and testing of logic changes that are permitted for a Run Mode Store.  Bit-in-word referencing that allows you to specify individual bits in a WORD reference in retentive memory as inputs and outputs of Boolean expressions, function blocks, and calls that accept bit parameters.  CPU over temperature status bit.  Two serial ports: one RS-485 serial port and one RS-232 serial port – neither are isolated exchange of data between a master and up to 16 slaves. An example of a Series 90-30 PLC in a Fanuc I/O LINK system configuration is shown in the following illustration.

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