IC693APU302 | IC693APU302K

GE-IP | 9030 | GE Fanuc 90-30 GE-IP PLC


IC693APU302 | IC693APU302K

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Axis Positioning Module
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  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

Problems Resolved by Upgrade Version 2.70 Block Number Not Reported With Module In Follower Mode Regardless of mode, the APM module should report the current block number of an executing motion program to an attached motion programmer. While this worked as expected in Standard mode, with the module configured for Follower mode the block number was always reported as “0” regardless of the current value. This problem, which first appeared in firmware version 2.10, has now been corrected. In Power Mate J Systems, Power Cycling Servo Amplifier May Cause Loss of Position In Power Mate J systems, power cycling the servo amplifier independently of the PLC rack could result in a loss of position. The Position Valid %I bit will now be cleared whenever error code 0xC7 (digital servo amplifier fault) is reported. When power is restored, toggling the Clear Error %Q bit will automatically cause the module to reestablish Actual Position and set Position Valid if the serial encoder is configured for Absolute mode. Values Reported Via Select Return Data Command Not Always Correct in Follower Mode In Follower mode, when configured for Winder operation, data reported by the Select Return Data command was divided by 2. This problem occurred for all data selections except Command Position and Zone Position . Originally appearing in firmware version 2.60, this problem has now been corrected. Problems Resolved by Previous Upgrade (Version 2.60) Immediate Move Command (27h) Allowed Invalid Move Distance Specifications Although it is not possible to program a move beyond 8,388,607 or -8,388,608 with a motion program, it was possible to command a move greater than this amount with the immediate move command. No error was produced. Error code 76 is now returned for this situation. 8 Important Product Information GFK-1317G Jog Minus Did Not Always Work in Follower Mode With the APM300 in follower mode and configured with Drive OK enabled, if the CTL06 input was OPEN, Jog minus did not work. There was no reported error and no response to the Jog minus command. Jog minus now works as expected. Jog Minus or Plus Did Not Report Error If Overtravel Input was Off When Drive Enable was Off If the drive was not enabled and the overtravel input was off, jogging in that direction would not report an error. However, an error was reported if the drive was enabled or if the overtravel input transitioned to off while jogging. This operation has now been made consistent. Could Not Jog If Move Pass Software End of Travel Limits With Drive Disabled If an axis was jogged to the positive or negative software end of travel limit, the drive was then disabled and the axis was moved past the software EOT, all future jogs were impossible in either direction as long as the position was valid. This operation has been changed to allow jogging in the opposite direction when past a software EOT Sometimes The Drive Would Not Enable When Jogging Off A Hardware EOT In certain situations, when an axis was commanded to jog in the opposite direction after hitting a hardware End Of Travel switch, the Drive Enabled status bit would not come on (that is, the drive was left disabled) after enabling the jog bit and clearing the error bit. This operation has now been corrected.

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