IC693APU302 | IC693APU302J

GE-IP | 9030 | GE Fanuc 90-30 GE-IP PLC


IC693APU302 | IC693APU302J

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Axis Positioning Module
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  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

13. If using a Home Switch or Overtravel Switches , monitor the %I bits for CTL03, 4 (Home), CTL05, 7 (+Overtravel) and CTL06, 8 (-Overtravel) and confirm that each bit corresponds to the correct switch. 14. Turn on the %Q Enable Drive bit and place the command code for Force D/A Output 0 in the %AQ table. Confirm that the servo amplifier is enabled. If the motor moves, adjust the amplifier zero offset until the motor stops moving. Note: The %Q Enable Drive bit must be maintained on in order for the Force D/A Output command to function. 15. Send the command code for Force D/A Output +3200 (+1.0v). Confirm that the motor moves in the desired POSITIVE direction and the Actual Velocity reported in the APM %AI table is POSITIVE. If the motor moves in the wrong direction, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for corrective action. The Motor Dir parameter in the Configuration Software can also be used to swap the positive and negative axis directions (APM firmware 2.10 or later). If the motor moves in the POSITIVE direction but the APM reports that Actual Velocity is NEGATIVE, then the encoder Channel A and Channel B inputs must be swapped. 16. Record the actual motor velocity reported by the APM with a 1.0-volt velocity command . Multiply this velocity by 10 and update the Vel @ 10v entry in the APM configuration. Initially set the Pos Loop TC configuration entry to a high value (typically 100 to 1000 ms). 17. Turn on the %Q Jog Plus bit. Confirm that the servo moves in the proper direction and that the Actual Velocity reported by the APM in the %AI table matches the configured jog velocity. 18. With the Drive Enabled %Q bit on and no servo motion commanded, adjust the servo drive zero offset for zero position error (APM Commanded Position = APM Actual Position). The Integrator should be disabled during this process. 19. Check for proper operation of the Find Home cycle by momentarily turning on the %Q Find Home bit (the Drive Enabled %Q bit must also be maintained on). The axis should move towards the Home Switch at the configured Find Home velocity, then seek the Encoder Marker at the configured Fnl Home velocity. If necessary, adjust the configured velocities and the location of the Home Switch for consistent operation. The final Home Switch transition MUST occur at least 10 ms before the Encoder Marker Pulse is encountered. The physical location of Important Product Information 7 GFK-1317G Home Position can be adjusted by changing the Home Offset value with the configuration software. 20. Monitor servo performance and use the %Q Jog Plus and Jog Minus bits to move the servo motor in each direction. The Pos Loop Time Constant can be temporarily modified by placing the correct command code in the % AQ table. For most systems, the Position Loop Time Constant value can be reduced until some servo instability is noted, then increased to a value approximately 50% higher. Once the correct time constant is determined, the APM configuration should be updated using the Configuration Software. Velocity Feedforward can also be set to a non-zero value (typically 80–90%) for optimum servo response. Note: For proper servo operation, the Configuration entry for Vel at 10v MUST be set to the actual servo velocity (in User Units/sec) caused by a 10 Volt command. Problems Resolved by this Upgrade Version (2.80) APM firmware 2.70 did not support a certain flash memory type. This support was added in firmware version 2.80. This change is transparent to users of this module

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