IC693APU300 | IC693APU300V

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IC693APU300 | IC693APU300V

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 High Speed Counter
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  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

IC693APU300 High Speed Counter (HSC) Module The High Speed Counter (IC693APU300) for the Series 90-30 PLC is a single-slot module which can be used in applications where pulse input rates exceed the input capability of the PLC or where too large a percentage of PLC processing capability would be required. The High Speed Counter provides direct processing of rapid pulse signals up to 80 KHz for industrial applications such as: meter proving, turbine flowmeter, velocity measurement, material handling, motion control and process control. With direct processing, the High Speed Counter module is able to sense inputs, count, and respond with outputs without needing to communicate with a CPU. It can be configured to count either up or down, to count both up and down, or to count the difference between two changing values. The module can be configured to provide 1, 2, or 4 counters of differing complexity. a43971A SLOT HIGH SPEED COUNTER 5/12/24 VDC 44A729182- FOR USE IC693APU30 Figure 8-14. High Speed Counter (HSC) The High Speed Counter can be installed in any Series 90-30 baseplate and is configured using the Hand-Held Programmer, Logicmaster 90-30/20, VersaPro software, or Logic Developer-PLC. Many features can also be configured from the user s application program. There are no jumpers to be set on the module. Two LEDs at the top of the module indicate the operating status of the module and the status of configuration parameters. For details on the HSC, refer toGFK-0293, Series 90-30 High Speed Counter User s Manual. 8-24 Series 90-30 PLC Installation and Hardware Manual August 2002 GFK-0356Q 8 IC693BEM320 I/O LINK Interface (Slave) Module The I/O LINK Interface module (IC693BEM320) provides an interface between a Series 90-30 PLC and a proprietary Fanuc I/O LINK in a Fanuc CNC (Computer Numerical Control), or a Series 90-70 PLC. This module is configured as a slave device only (see the IC693BEM321 for master applications). The Fanuc I/O LINK is a serial interface which provides high speed exchange of data between a master and up to 16 slaves. An example of a Series 90-30 PLC in a Fanuc I/O LINK system configuration is shown in the following illustration. HHP PROGRAMMER SERIES 90-30 I/O LINK MASTER Figure 8-15. Example of a Series 90-30 PLC in a Fanuc I/O LINK Configuration The Series 90-30 I/O LINK Interface module is configured as a slave device only and allows the Series 90-30 PLC to send either 32 or 64 I/O points to the I/O LINK. The I/O LINK module must be configured as either a 32 or 64 point I/O module during installation by setting a jumper plug inside of the front cover of the module to either 32 I/O or 64 I/O. An I/O LINK Interface module can be installed in any model of Series 90-30 PLC, and any number of I/O LINK Interface modules can be installed in a system within the current limits of the baseplate and other I/O modules installed in the baseplate. For more details, see Load Requirements for Hardware Components in Chapter 12 of this manual. I/O Link Interface Documentation For detailed information on this module, refer to GFK-0631, the Series 90-30 I/O LINK Interface

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