IC693APU300 | IC693APU300E

GE-IP | 9030 | GE Fanuc 90-30 GE-IP PLC


IC693APU300 | IC693APU300E

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 High Speed Counter
  • Weight: 1 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

Specifications: APU300 General Power Consumption 250 mA (1.25 W ) from 5V bus on the backplane Output Points Powered by user supplied 4.7 to 30 Vdc Maximum Count Rate 80 kHz LEDs BOARD OK, CONFIG OK, Field Power OK, Input Status, Output Status Isolation: Field to Backplane (optical) and to frame ground 250 Vac continuous, 1500 Vac for one minute Group to Group 250 Vac continuous, 1500 Vac for one minute Inputs Voltage Range 5 Vdc (TSEL jumpered to INCOM) 10 to 30 Vdc (TSEL open) Number of Positive Logic Inputs 12 Input Thresholds (I1 to I12) 5 Vdc Range 10 – 30 Vdc Range Von (minimum) 3.25 V 8.0 V Ion (minimum) 3.2 mA 3.2 mA Voff (maximum) 1.5 V 2.4 V Ioff (maximum) 0.8 mA 0.8 mA Survivable Peak Voltage ± 500 V for 1μSec Transient Common Mode Noise Rejection 1000 V/ μSec minimum Input Impedance See page 3 for V - I characteristics . Outputs Voltage Range 4.7 to 30 Vdc @ 1.5A maximum Off State Leakage Current 10μA maximum per point Output Voltage Drop 0.5 V maximum at 500 mA 1.5V maximum at 1.5A * CMOS Load Drive Capability Yes Positive Logic Outputs Four Output protection Outputs are protected for overcurrent (ESCP) with self - healing capability Reverse Polarity Protection Outputs protected from reverse wiring between OUTPWR and OUTCOM terminals

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