IC693ADC311 | IC693ADC311E

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IC693ADC311 | IC693ADC311E

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: Series 9030 CIMPLICITY
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Product Manual Excerpt

May 6, 1999 GFK-1126X I MPORTANT P RODUCT I NFORMATION READ THIS INFORMATION FIRST Product: IC693 CPU Modules with Firmware Release 9.01 IC693CPU351-GR IC693CPU352-DG IC693CPU363-AB Introduction This document contains information that is not available in any other publication; therefore, we recommend you save it for future reference. This document discusses the features of the newly released firmware version 9.01 for current CPU modules IC693CPU351, IC693CPU352, and IC693CPU363. The embedded serial ports on the PLC CPU (ports 1 and 2) will not function with release 9.00 or 9.01 if 34 or more rack mounted modules are being used in the system. The problem may also occur if any IC693PCM300, 301, 311, IC693CMM311, or IC693ADC311 modules are used. The serial port on the power supply functions normally. This restriction will be corrected in release 9.10 to allow use of the extra ports with the maximum number and type of modules. New Features and Functionality of Firmware Release 9.01 • Software Floating-Point . The CPU351 and CPU363 support all of the floating-point function blocks that are currently supported by the CPU352. They are implemented in firmware using floating point emulation. These Floating-Point math function blocks are described in the IC693 PLC Reference Manual . The CPU352 continues to support Floating-Point math via its built-in math coprocessor. The CPU352 offers a speed advantage over the other two in performing math functions. • User memory totals 240K bytes . %R, %AI, and %AQ references are configurable up to 16K of %R, 8K of %AI and 8K of %AQ memory using the MS-DOS  PLC programming software, version 9.02. These three references will be configurable up to 32K in the next release (version 2.2) of the Windows  PLC programming software. Configuration instructions for this feature are described in the MS-DOS IC693 Programming Software User’s Manual , and will be included in on-line help in the future release of the Windows PLC Programming Software, version 2.2. • Sequential Event Recorder . A new function block, the Sequential Event Recorder, is available in firmware release 9.00. This function block can be used to record up to 1024 samples of 32 individual discrete (bit) references. This function block is described in the IC693 PLC Reference Manual . • Break-free SNP. The SNP protocol no longer requires a break to operate. This allows SNP to work over a wider variety of modems.  MS-DOS and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

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