IC693ADC311 | IC693ADC311A

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IC693ADC311 | IC693ADC311A

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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: Series 9030 CIMPLICITY
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  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

October 24. 1994 GFK-0566K I MPORTANT P RODUCT I NFORMATION READ THIS INFORMATION FIRST Product: IC693 Alphanumeric Display Coprocessor Module IC693ADC311H Hardware Identification: PC3C1, 44A730296-G01R04 or Later Software Identification: Version 3.00 EPROM Label: 395-030E4.11 (U39) (ADS 4.11) Replaces: IC697ADC311G IC697ADC311F IC697ADC311E IC697ADC311D IC697ADC311C IC697ADC311B IC697ADC311A Read this document before installing or attempting to use the Alphanumeric Display Coprocessor Module, IC693ADC311H, with your programmable controller system. This is the eighth release of the IC693 Alphanumeric Display Coprocessor (ADC) module. The ADC module is used with the Alphanumeric Display System operator interface software. The Alphanumeric Display System is a character-oriented operator interface product which may be hosted on any IC697 or IC693 model 331, 340, or 341 programmable controller. It is a low-cost system which requires no user programming; all data is entered via simple pull-down and pop-up menus and dialog boxes. The various versions of ADS software are compatible only with certain revisions of the host IC697 ADC modul

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